There was a time when young people were fighting for causes in the streets through music. Today they challenge through brands via Instagram …
Times have changed…


Below, limited edition ties made by Malcom MacLaren and Vivienne Westwood in their shop Sex from repurpose of old stock.
On the left rubber tie (1975). On the right, tie with Sex Pistols logo (1976) overprinted onto an old stock Let it Rock tie. Let it Rock was the previous incarnation of the SEX shop.punk-maclaren-tie punk-clash-steel-pulse punk-anti-nazi-national-front

Sniffin’Glue#8 the DIY fanzine of the punk era. On the cover Cherry Vanilla wearing a famous tee-shirt


Below tee-shirt manifesto conceived by Bernard Rhodes, produced by Malcom MacLaren and Gerry Goldstein. The tee-shirt was sold at Vivienne Westwood shop SEX. The list printed on the tee-shirt is  an early portrait of the emerging attitude and stance of the burgeoning punk movement.


Debbie Junvenile wearing a mohair jumper from Vivienne Westwood’s and Malcom MacLaren boutique SEX


Place of protest, SEX at 430 King’s Road, London


All the love !

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