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W&LT a surprise ! Myriam, assistante de conservation Mode

It was just impossible for me to NOT take a picture of Myriam (who work in the storage area in the fashion department at Musée des Arts Décoratifs) when i saw her in her vintage W&LT top (circa 1995).

As you can see below I have « nearly » the same…

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A star and stripes

Stripes !

A future star, Anthony Vaccarello, Paris based fashion designer (born in Belgium), former Fendi fur fashion designer and winner of Festival International de la Mode d’Hyeres 2006 (Grand Prix) taught(1) his techniques of working to the students of the Arts of Fashion summer class.


It was very graphic, so i made a couple of close up of the stripes applied on the dummies. Some of these stripes even reminds me the Eiffel tower mesh or the Union Jack flag (i know my imagination have no limits ahem…).

These stripes are embellished with pearls, beads, knitting, organza, tulle… Before becoming gorgeous dresses.

anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-1 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-2 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-3 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-4 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-5 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-6 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-7 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-8 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-9 anthony-vaccarello-masterclass-10

A lire également chez Nardjisse

(1) with Sasiwimol Sreevitoon – Paris based free lance Fashion Designer, born in Thailand, former Lanvin embroidery fashion designer and Natallia Pilipenka – New York based Fashion Designer, born in Ukraine, Anne Valerie Hash Award 07, Fashion design Lecturer at Parsons the New School for Design.

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Kenzo in RGB mode

Three colors to create them all…

Three photos from the last show of Kenzo during the men’s fashion week (summer-spring 2010-2011) in Paris.

Three suits in vivid colors: red, green and blue, like RGB, the additive color system used on our everyday screens.






The use of color is in Kenzo’s ADN and they are successful at it, but it’s still a rare and a difficult goal to reach in fashion design, (yes black is easier here in occident, just look in your street). A Kenzo show is always a place to be during a fashion week.

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August Sander vs Otto Dix

Journalist Sylvia Von Harden, Otto Dix, 1926


Studio portrait of a secretary, August Sander, 1931


An hommage from the photographer August Sander to the painter and friend Otto Dix… Note the insolent modernity of the secretary

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Arts of fashion Foundation | From concept to reality

A sample of the garments made by the students with Aurore Thibout and Laurence Teillet.

Now the project (quite conceptual) is nearly complete, the evolution since my first coming is huge and what surprise me more is the diversity.

From the concept (a garment from second-hand shirts) to the final result, each student use the prints, the stripes, the different parts of the shirts on his own way. We have dresses with volume, some using the graphic prints and the stripes, to create path that become shapes, some are very colourful, some are a gradient of pale colours, some are big and some are tiny (slideshow below). Next step the exhibition (July 29)!

arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-13 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-12 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-11 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-10 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-9 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-8 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-7 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-6 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-5 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-4 arts-of-fashion-made-in-clothes-2

Two models draw my attention because they reminds me works of famous designers. Below, the first photo of this post reminds me Yohji Yamamoto 1986’s dress, shoot by Nick Knight


… and below this Viktor & Rolf crazy collar shoot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinooh Matadin reminds me the tiny garment in the slideshow

… et ci-dessous ce jabot fou de Viktor & Rolf shooté par Inez Van Lamsweerde et Vinooh Matadin me rappelle le tout petit vêtement présent dans le slideshow.


Arts of Fashion Foundation website is here, to have the full story read the posts tagged with « arts of fashion foundation »

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Arts of Fashion Foundation | Aurore Thibout & Laurence Teillet, the thinking process

Dears readers

see the London based french fashion designer Laurence Teillet and the french fashion designer Aurore Thibout, public prize at Festival de la mode d’Hyères 2006 and both former Maison Martin Margiela teaching and giving great advices during the masterclass of Arts of Fashion here in Paris.

In the first video i focus on handcrafting, here we can appreciate the thinking process and see the ideas emerging during the exchange between professionals and students. Aurore and Laurence, help each students to find his own path. They also insist to never forget the shape and the volume, that how to give life to your garment.

The exhibition of the student’s work with Aurore Thibout, Laurence Teillet, Anthony Vaccarello, Natallia Pilipenka, Aurore de la Morinerie and Sasiwimol Sreevitoon will take place at 103 rue de Rivoli this July 29 (5pm-9pm). 

Aurore Thibout

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Egérie | Emily Haines

Dear readers,

because music is an important part of my inspiration everyday, i want to share with you this video footage of Emily Haines and her band Metric taken during their unique live show in Paris in may.

This canadian band is not very famous in France, but i really love them from years now (as Lou Reed does…). So when i saw that they will play here, i didn’t think twice and click OK imediately.

Metric show was hypnotic, Emily Haines leader of the canadian band, precious in her sequin mini-skirt and wearing a floral brooch on a silver top is a serious rock star, giving it all during the set. Amazing!

Pump up the volume and watch the shitty (and yes very long) video !

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Détails | La garçonne

La garçonne at Nino Cerruti and a beautiful lingerie detail on the back, Paris fashion week men summer-spring 2011

Effet de détails dans le dos, de longs rubans rose pale à l’esprit lingerie. Le dos c’est aussi celui de Mireille Darc dans le film « Le grand blond avec une chaussure noire ».

Guy Laroche design a famous dress for french actress Mireille Darc in the seventies. Generally designers rarely focus on the back, is it a question of confidence for the women, a fear of being backstabed or of being slandered ?

Mireille Darc wearing outrageous Guy Laroche dress in « Le grand bland avec une chaussure noire » (english linkfrench link), 1972

Le dos c’est aussi…

La peur d’être poignardé dans le dos,
Avoir bon dos ou la peur d’être accusé,
Céder ou courber le dos,
Être désemparé et faire le gros dos,
Le dédain, alors tourner le dos à quelqu’un,
Bouh ! Donner froid dans le dos.

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