Hyères 2006

Le XXIe Festival de la mode et de la photographie d’Hyères à fermé ses portes la semaine dernière. Le lauréat Anthony Vaccarello à présenté une collection femme, organique et très graphique, les avis sont assez controversés, de ceux qui n’apprécient guère le côté SM de sa collection à ceux qui voit en lui un futur Alexander MacQueen ou Nicolas Ghesquière.

Photo de couverture Grégoire Alexandre

La collection
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Donna Franklin, la fibre réactive


Donna Franklin, étudiante au Perth Institute of Contemporary Art réalise une robe « vivante » accueillant à sa surface des… champignons.
The most captivating work at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art for me was Donna’s superb dress. It wasn’t until she was melting under the lights of the symposium guest speakers table with me that I fully understood what I was looking at and could slightly appeciate her art practice. Initially she immersed herself in the scientific realm of colour and growth with a large experiment with moulds, resulting in her first art fashion with a dress sewn in fabric highly patterned by mould stains.

Must read, Wired article

Despite being the opposite of what we perceive as being attractive in the normal scheme of social expectations, the dress has a tantalising elegant appearance with graceful white fabric and shades of grey patterning. Donna moved on to working with fungi resulting in the stunning ‘Fibre reactive’. This is a living garment, an experiment in a symbiotic relationship between the garment as a host for the fungi and the wearer.

When asked how long she expected the dress to live in its current form, Donna gave a slightly sad sigh and said she wasn’t ready for her garment to pass away! Her work is an exquisite blend of installation, fashion, science and feminine passion.

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